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This is the documentation for libtheora C API. The current reference implementation for Theora, a free, patent-unencumbered video codec. Theora is derived from On2's VP3 codec with additional features and integration with Ogg multimedia formats by the Xiph.Org Foundation. Complete documentation of the format itself is available in the Theora specification.


The functions documented here are actually subdivided into three separate libraries:

New code should link to libtheoradec and, if using encoder features, libtheoraenc. Together these two export both the standard and the legacy API, so this is all that is needed by any code. The older libtheora library is provided just for compatibility with older build configurations.

In general the recommended 1.x API symbols can be distinguished by their th_ or TH_ namespace prefix. The older, legacy API uses theora_ or OC_ prefixes instead.

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